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Public hot springs in Idaho come in many different shapes and sizes. They range from easy access to multiple days of backpacking to access. The hot springs in McCall are mostly on public lands, national forests, BLM, or wilderness. The developed springs that we’ve listed have small, day use fees.

Located in central Idaho, just north of Boise, there’s a lot to love in McCall. Surrounded by Boise National Forest, the views and tranquility of the area are unmatched. What better way to relax after a long day hiking, biking, or skiing than soaking in a natural mineral spring? I can’t think of one!

While you’re enjoying your next cabin rental in McCall, Idaho, be sure to add these hot springs to your travel itinerary. You won’t regret it!

The Importance of Hot Springs in Idaho

The city of Boise has the largest geothermal system in the country and ranks sixth worldwide. In 2019, Boise plans to expand use of this renewable resource to heat more buildings downtown. Currently, over 6 million square feet of building space is heated by the system with a monthly cost of only $1,000 !

Idaho is a GeoThermal State with public and private resource wells. In order to be considered a geothermal resource well the bottom temperature must be 85*-21*F and are called LTG (low temperature) wells. A bottom temperature of more than 212* in a well is considered a GeoThermal Resource well.

GeoThermal Resource wells are subject to strict placement, drilling, maintenance and abandonment regulations and must carry a bond of $5,000 to $20,000 renewed annually to insure that no contamination with ground water from different aquifers effect potable water.

Burgdorf Hot Springs

Location: 404 French Creek (USFS #246) McCall, ID 83638
Phone: 208-636-3036

With a colorful history since the 1870's, Burgdorf is a must for your bucket list. The hot springs are surrounded by the Payette National Forest. Though contained, it is a primitive environment. The springs are located in a hot spring resort and has a gravel bottom pool and log sides.

Rugged but situated in a lovely setting, they have changing rooms, a nice office, and snacks for sale. You can also bring food but absolutely NO GLASS is allowed. If you’re not staying at the resort, you need to make a reservation to use their soaking pool.

During the Summer (June-October) you can access these hot springs via Warren Wagon Road however in the Winter (December-April), access is available by snowmobiles only.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Location: 1026 Gold Fork Road, Donnelly, ID
Phone: 208-890-8730

Located six miles into the backcountry, this developed hot spring is an Idaho favorite. They have several pools to soak in including a sandy bottom pool with a gravity fed hydro massage. They have a yurt office and changing rooms.

When you visit, they have a no glass, alcohol, or tobacco policy. It’s not necessary to make reservations but do note they’re currently closed on Tuesdays.

Zims Hot Springs

Location: 2995 Zims Rd. New Meadows
Phone: 208-347-2686

Zims Hot Springs are located just outside of McCall in New Meadows. The hot springs are on Native American land and are run and operated by the Nez Perce Tribe. While you soak in the mineral water, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacularly scenic Meadows Valley. You can choose the spring to soak in based on the temperature you prefer. Here they have hot or hotter pools.

Open year round, you can soak in the natural hot water anytime, except on Mondays and Tuesdays when they’re closed. These springs are family-friendly and even have a basketball hoop at the larger pool for you and your family to play.

Cascade Geothermal Aquatic & Recreation Center

Location: 333 Kellys Parkway Cascade
Phone: 208-382-5136

This community gem has something for everyone. They offer handicap access lifts at both pools, making it the most accessible hot springs in the area.

They offer an eight lane outdoor swimming pool which is, of course, geothermal heated. Some days and hours are reserved for therapy patients so be sure to call ahead or check their schedule before you arrive.

If you’ll be in the area long-term, you can by a monthly or annually membership pass. If you’d only like to visit once or twice though, they do offer day passes.

Mundo Hot Springs and RV Park

Location: 3016 Goodrich Rd, Cambridge, ID 83610
Phone: 208-257-3849 or 208-907-2401

Mundo Hot Springs and RV Park is located 3 miles north of Cambridge. Like in the other springs, the geothermal water is pumped directly in the pools and tubs, providing you with perfectly clean mineral water.

With wheelchair access, these hot springs are also more accessible than many. The staff is great and the grounds are well-maintained. You can even stay the night and enjoy the rustic resort, either by camping or sleeping in your RV in their parking area.

Trail Creek Hot Springs

Location: Off of Warm Lake Road

If you’d rather enjoy your hot springs in nature rather than in a resort, we highly recommend the Trail Creek Hot Springs. Only a 5-minute walk to them, they offer private springs, not visible from the road. Keep in mind though, they are a popular spot so you might have to share them with other soakers.

These hot springs are best visited from April to September when there’s a less likely chance for a snowy or icy trail.

Warm Springs Creek Falls

Location: Off of HWY 12

To reach Warm Springs Creek, you’ll need to work a bit harder. But hey, bigger risk, bigger reward, right? If you’re interested in a great hike with a hot spring waiting for you at the end of the trail, this is the one for you.

About a 2-hour hike, one-way, Warm Springs Creek Falls are the best chance in the area you’ll have of enjoying natural hot springs all to yourself. The trail and springs are most accessible from June to October. It’s also a dog-friendly trail so you can bring your furry friend along with you, although I doubt they’ll enjoy the springs like you will!

With this, you’re ready to enjoy the best hot springs in McCall, ID!

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