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A Day at Manchester Ice Rink in McCall

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So you’ve decided on vacationing in the quaint town of McCall, Idaho. Excellent choice! There are so many things to do in downtown McCall, and one of the most fun is the Manchester Ice Rink. 

The rink provides an ideal setting for ice-skating enthusiasts and winter sports aficionados alike. The Manchester Ice Rink is a hub of activities, from skating lessons and ice bumper cars to hockey games and live ice performances. Book your stay with DoneRight and strap on your skates; this is your guide to one of McCall’s best year-round activities! 


About the Manchester Ice Rink 

Photo Credit: Hanchuan Peng

The Manchester Ice and Event Centre offers ice skating, ice bumper cars, hockey, curling, and even live ice shows. McCall’s ice rink is open year-round. The ice schedule is updated frequently and subject to change based on tournaments and special events. It’s recommended you check the calendar before planning your visit.

The building is massive. It takes up nearly an entire block. The architecture is made to resemble a sawmill with large timbers at the entrance. The design commemorates McCall’s founding as a logging town. The beautiful exterior looks more like a ski lodge or a hotel rather than a skating rink in the middle of town.

McCall Ice Rink’s Amenities 

For those seeking warmth and refreshments, the rink features a cafe offering hot beverages and snacks. The cafe serves as a gathering place for skaters and spectators alike.


Figure Skating at the Manchester Ice Rink

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Public Skate

One of the most cherished and accessible offerings at Manchester Ice Rink is the public skating sessions. These sessions provide a lively and inclusive atmosphere where individuals of all ages and skill levels can revel in the joy of gliding across the ice. Public skating is usually offered in the afternoon between 1:00 and 3:15 PM.

Skating Lessons For All Ages And Skill Levels

One of the primary attractions of the Manchester Ice Rink is its skating lesson programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice looking to take your first glides on the ice or an experienced skater aiming to refine your techniques, the rink has tailored lessons to suit your needs.

For beginners, certified instructors will guide participants through fundamental skills such as balance, forward and backward skating, and stopping techniques. The emphasis is not just on learning to skate but on fostering a love for the ice, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Advanced skaters can enroll in specialized classes that focus on more intricate maneuvers, jumps, spins, and even figure skating routines. Private lessons are also available for those seeking personalized attention and a customized learning experience. 

Themed And Seasonal Sessions

  • General Admission: Adults $7.50; Children (12 years and under) $5.50; Skate Rental $2.50
  • Group Rates: Adults $8.50 includes rental skates; Children $6.50 includes rental skates
  • Cosmic Skate: They will black out the rink and put on a light show! Adults $7.50; Children $5.50; Ice Skate Rental $2.50

Manchester Ice and Event Center occasionally hosts themed and seasonal sessions to add an extra layer of excitement to the ice skating rink. From holiday-themed skates with festive decorations to costume parties that bring out the creativity in participants, these special sessions provide a unique and memorable twist to the traditional public skating experience.

Live Ice Performances

Manchester Ice Rink and Event Centre showcases its versatility by hosting enchanting live ice performances that captivate audiences. These performances feature talented figure skaters and ice dancers who grace the ice with their artistry and skill, creating a mesmerizing spectacle against the backdrop of the snow-covered landscape.

The rink often collaborates with professional ice skating troupes and performers, bringing a touch of elegance and magic to McCall. From classical routines set to classical music to contemporary performances infused with creative choreography, the live shows offer a diverse range of entertainment for spectators. 

Families, couples, and friends gather around the rink to witness the beauty of figure skating unfold, creating cherished memories.


Ice Bumper Cars at the Manchester Ice Rink

Photo Credit: Philip Rainey

  • Admission: $9 for Bumper Cars only; $12 for Bumper and Skate
  • Guidelines: Drivers must be 6 or older and at least 42 inches tall. The operator must be 18 or older to carry passengers, and passengers are limited to children ages 3-5. 

A unique and exciting addition to Manchester Ice Rink’s repertoire is the introduction of ice bumper cars. Ice Bumper Cars is available during the public skate. Half of the rink is blocked off for spinning fun. Ice Bumper Cars provides a thrilling twist to the traditional winter activity.

Admission includes a designated time slot for the bumper car experience, ensuring that participants have ample opportunity to zoom across the ice and engage in friendly collisions. This unique attraction is not only a hit among families but also a popular choice for groups of friends looking to infuse their winter outings with a dash of excitement.


Hockey at the Manchester Ice Rink

Photo Credit: Jeremy Cork


  • Admission: $12 per session
  • Guidelines: Participants must be 14 or over to participate in an adult session. If under 18, the participant must be accompanied by a parent. Full gear is required and is not available to rent.

Drop-in times are scheduled throughout the year on weeknights and weekends from spring through fall.

Hockey Games

For those who prefer the exhilarating pace of a hockey game, Manchester Ice Rink transforms into a lively arena hosting hockey games. The local hockey league takes center stage, showcasing the talents of both seasoned players and aspiring athletes. The rink’s NHL regulation-size ice surface provides the perfect stage for fast-paced matches, complete with the echoing sounds of skates slicing through the ice and the energizing cheers of the crowd.

Spectators can expect an electric atmosphere as teams compete for victory. The family-friendly environment encourages fans of all ages to come together and support their favorite teams.


Private Parties On Ice

  • Admission: $15 per participant
  • What’s Included:  Bump & Skate – 15-minute bumper car rides, skating for the entire duration of the skate session, skates, and helmet rental.

If you want to celebrate a special occasion in a one-of-a-kind setting, McCall’s Manchester Ice Rink offers private parties tailored to your preferences. Private parties provide a fun ice experience. Call Big Country Sports Pub to arrange for catering.


Where to Eat Nearby

McCall’s ice rink is on Lake Street, directly across from Payette Lake’s Art Roberts Park. Just around the corner from the ice rink, you’ll find Stacey Cakes, Crusty’s Pizza, and North Folk Coffee Roasters.


McCall’s Own Winter Wonderland

As a community-focused venue, Manchester Ice Rink goes beyond being a sports facility; it becomes a gathering place for families, friends, and neighbors to come together and celebrate the joy of winter. 

With its stunning surroundings and commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, the rink plays a vital role in making McCall a destination for winter sports enthusiasts and a cherished gem in the heart of Idaho. Book your stay at a DoneRight vacation rental today!


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